An overview of Casablanca

An overview of Casablanca

Believe or not, there are cities that tend to be really important for a country. When I talk about importance, I mean really important; the country would not be the same if these cities did not exist. This is the situation with Casablanca. One of the most important cities of Morocco, the cosmopolitan and fancy city, the best representation of a modern place, you can find rich people here and this city looks like New York.

There are so many fantastic places with such modern architecture. The buildings here are amazing and different from other cities. You can breathe a sophisticated air full of extravagant and elegant people; this is definitely far away from other cities of Morocco, it gives a total different view.

If I had visited Casablanca first, I would have had a total different point of view about Morocco. It would not be that cultural and traditional country. We can begin this testimony by looking at the restaurants and night lives. There are some cities in which I could barely saw a “night life” but here night life is really common, as fancy restaurants that serve excellent food. It makes you out your best suit or dress if you want to eat any food. But do not get confused, Casablanca has places that all cities have, it keeps that cultural tradition. The mosques exist here and you are able to see the Mosque Hassan II which is extremely beautiful. It is one of the best architectures you are going to find in Morocco. Remember that if you want to visit this place you should dress conservatively.

French architecture has predominated some Casablanca buildings. Maybe this is why it looks a little different than other buildings of another Moroccan cities. The Art Deco Architecture is a neighborhood that reflects the French colony in Morocco’s history.

If you do the cheap Morocco Tours and you visit many cities, you will be able to compare the medinas and markets of many cities. If you go to the markets in Casablanca you will realize that most of the things sold here are imported so it increases the value. Things here are expensive and people prefer buying things they need in another cities. The market does not seem too attractive as other markets in other cities but it is still worth it.

This city is a good place for artists. You can see some street arts in the streets and walls. As I told you this is a fashion city and actually looking at this piece of arts around is like a perfect combination of the real sense in this city. If you like galleries or art, then this is the appropriate city for you Casablanca is famous for that-.

Some people say Casablanca is not too touristic, I would say it is more famous than touristic. If we test our memory, we will remember a movie called “Casablanca”. Guess what? We are talking about the same Casablanca. So, I believe a Morocco trip usually includes Casablanca because its fame and it does not highlights the best things about this city.

Casablanca is a fashion, cosmopolitan and big city. It is also a good romantic destination for couples. Even though it is a big and modern city it still has those old and cultural cities that makes you remember Moroccan history. Also, some places make you remember movies scenes, as this city is like that: a movie turned into real life. So, do not feel afraid to include this city in your Morocco trip, you will not regret it.

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